Get It Together

Meet Strapbook, the easiest way to sort yourself

The Strapbook is an innovative, attractive way to store and organize all the little bits and bobs that clutter up your life (and bags, and drawers, and closets, and cars, and everywhere else)

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Store All the Things

Innovative and versatile strap weave lets you secure items of all kinds of shapes

Know What’s What

Label holders let you tag your Strapbooks to easily tell what’s stored where at a glance

Keep it Secret

Strapbooks blend right in on bookshelves, keeping your clutter neatly camouflaged

Keep it Safe

Rubberized straps hold everything in place while the strapped cover keeps them protected

T. KiefferAmazon Customer

This organizer solves a problem that I've been having with my existing strap organizer. This organizer is very easy to insert and extract from my bag and the contents stay in place and are protected.

Tom K.Amazon Customer

I'm always carrying a bunch of USB-C adapters. These used to all just end up at the end of my bag (and sometimes either lost or broken.) With this I have a easy way to store and organize all of them.

Tasayu TasnaphunAmazon Customer

Picked this up to organize all my gear for when I travel. All I can say is that this was a godsend. For once I didn't have any cables or card cases thrown about in my small bag compartment. Everything is just neatly kept.

SAAmazon Customer

I saw a strapbook and I had to have one. It is very useful to keep track of everything I can't find in the bottom of my bag!!! The straps are a variety of sizes and hold everything from lipstick to power cords. I love it.

IceIceClimbrAmazon Customer

Perfect book to store little knickknacks that you might otherwise loose: cables, spare house keys, small tools, memory cards, and cables. Think of it like a mobile "junk drawer" except for those items that you actually find yourself using semi-regularly.

Lauren C.Amazon Customer

I used to just throw everything in a bag and I'd dig through to find what I needed. No longer! I like that it has a cover on it, too. It keeps things from catching on it in my bag. I can just slip it in and out. No fuss!